Man still responding to God’s call to the untouchables

By June 29, 2007

India (MNN) – An Indian missionary, Lala, began his work with the untouchables with just a prayer and a train pass. 

Bibles for the World's
Mawii Pudaite told his story. When he arrived in Delhi by train, he felt God call him to begin praying, so he did. "I saw in a vision multitudes and multitudes of people on their way to an eternal Hell," related Pudaite of Lala's experience. Then, the scene changed. "Those millions and millions of people were
being turned back from going towards eternal Hell towards Heaven." This was Lala's assurance that God was with him and going to help turn many hearts toward Christ. 

During his month there, many people were healed physically and spiritually.

Later, Lala felt God calling him to full-time ministry in Delhi with the untouchables. The Pudaite family told him to recruit 300-350 prayer warriors to back him up in the face of the
difficulties he would encounter. Pudaite said, "He wrote to me and said, ‘I have now enlisted at least 1500 mature believers who committed to pray for me and my family every day. Can I leave now for Delhi?' We said, ‘Yes!'" 

Today Lala and his wife are still working in Delhi. His wife works in a day school, and he holds crusades around northern India. "A lot of people are beginning to receive
Christ as Lord and Savior," said Pudaite. There is a growing church in Chandigarh
as a result of his work, and this is a difficult area for the Gospel. 

Bibles for the World is helping his work in Chandigarh. "Bibles for the World has been recruiting churches and individual believers here to sponsor a sector.  When
they sponsor a sector, it means they provide the Gospel of John or the New Testament for all the households. There are 5,000 families in each sector," Pudaite said. 

The goal is to establish a prayer center in each sector. Small house
churches are already established in four or five sectors. 

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