Marking National Day in Sweden

By June 6, 2013

Sweden (TEAM/MNN) — Today is Sweden’s National Day, and people really don’t seem to know what to do with the holiday.

Since 1916, June 6 has been celebrated as Swedish Flag Day. This finally also became Sweden’s National Day in 1983 and a public holiday from 2005.

The date was chosen for two reasons: the election of Gustav Vasa as Sweden’s king on June 6, 1523, laid the foundation of Sweden as an independent state; and on the same date in 1809, Sweden adopted a new constitution that included the establishment of civil rights and liberties.

In past years, according to The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) has seen a certain number of demonstrations by extremist political groups.   During those volatile times, the Swedish Lutheran Church has sought to be a balancing presence and in recent years has invited New Life Church to provide activities for children and families.

This year, Fridhemskyrkan (Peace Home Church), a church plant started by New Life Church, hopes to make contact with several hundred households as they step into this role.  The outreach is fledgling, having begun public worship services on March 10.

Its name reflects its location close to the subway at Fridhemsplan, and to communicate the hope that the church indeed be a home of peace for all who enter.  Hospitality leading to reconciliation with God are core values of outreach efforts.

The team believes that the Gospel of Jesus changes lives from the inside out, leading beyond personal renewal to positively influence society, creating acceptance of and service to others.

Pray for good conversations about faith and what the church can offer those they meet. Would you like to be part of touching Swedish society by building meaningful relationships in Jesus’ name?



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