Medical team helps cholera victims in Haiti

By June 20, 2011

Haiti (MNN) — He's only been in office for about a month, but already Haitian President Michel Martelly is finding his new job a difficult one. He's facing 70% unemployment, a stymied earthquake rebuilding effort, a stalled prime minister appointment, flooding, and now increasing cases of cholera.

President of HCJB Global Wayne Pederson is praying for the new government. "The government structure hasn't been a help to organizations like us coming in and trying to do good for the people there. We just keep praying that the new leadership will allow us a greater freedom to come in and love on the people in a tangible way."

Despite the difficulties, HCJB has a team of doctors back in Haiti. "There are about 1,300 people in the city of Port-au-Prince with cholera. We're just operating at that hospital at full capacity once again — treating people, helping them come from near unconscious states to where they can walk away from the hospital health, laughing, and smiling in about a week."

The team is working at the tent hospital in Cité Soleil. Pederson says it not just about physical treatment. "We're able to introduce them not only to fluid for their body which will make them well, but Living Water from Jesus Christ which will make them spiritually healthy for all eternity."

Pederson says when people are faced with eternity, they seem to be more open to hearing the Good News of Christ. As Haitians respond to God's call, it's important to be connected to the local church. "We have worked with local pastors, and we've seen a huge up-tick in church attendance and interest in the Lord. So, this has been a wonderful time of spiritual harvest."

According to Pederson, HCJB's Hands team is following the example of Christ. "The medical opportunity opens the door for us to come up with the message of Christ. We're told in Matthew that Jesus healed all types of diseases and then He taught and preached about the Kingdom."

That's what HCJB is doing. That's why the local church connection is so important. "When somebody makes a decision to follow Christ, we can get them involved in a local church where they can grow in their new faith."

While much of the world has forgotten about Haiti, HCJB hasn't. "We're in there for the long haul, and we certainly need more people and finances to enable us to have the long term ministry. As God's people continue to respond to us, we'll be able to help."

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