Middle East tension does not keep the church from growing.

By November 22, 2004

Middle East (MNN) — Following the death of Yasser Arafat, the Middle East peace crisis is at the forefront of discussions worldwide.

But as tensions persist, CB International continues to train Christian leaders in countries across the Middle East. With theological education centers in Lebanon and Jordan, Christian leaders from many Middle Eastern countries come to learn how to be effective in their ministries and grow their churches.

Having visited Israel recently, CBI’s Hans Finzel says, “Boy, you can really feel the tensions. However, the time I just spent in the Middle East I would say it was very peaceful and calm, everywhere I went. The few areas that are hot spots are all we hear about in the media. So good things are happening.”

While tension is present in the Middle East, Finzel says there’s also a general sense of calm and a new possibility of progress toward peace in the region. Finzel is hopeful because of what God is doing.

“One thing that’s interesting in the Middle East is that there are Christians on both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict. That’s a unique challenge – the view of the Lebanese Christians, the Arab Christians there, as opposed to those who may side with Israel. But, you know, God is growing His church on both sides of that conflict.”

Pray for the church and Christians throughout the Middle East, that they will shine the light of Christ, the Prince of Peace.

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