Ministry opportunities follow Day for the Unreached

By May 25, 2021

International (MNN) — Last Sunday was the International Day for the Unreached. This day raises awareness for the one-third of humanity that has never heard the story of Jesus. Learn more here.

What now?

Barbara Gerhart with Global Disciples (A champion member of the Alliance for the Unreached) talks about ways to get involved with this continuing work. “Step two, I think is on your knees praying for that third of us that are still waiting for the good news. Pray for a vision for a people group. Or it could be a religious group, or a region, or a nation. In some areas, an unreached people group might be a community of people that aren’t necessarily an ethnic group. So ask for the nations as God tells us to.”

You can also stay engaged with this work by supporting ministries like Global Disciples. Gerhart says, “As we look at reaching the least reached, we do it by working with national and local churches who are within reach of those who are still unreached. They know people from unreached people groups, they know communities, they themselves are believers who come out of groups that have very minimal understanding or influence for the Gospel.”

Reaching one-third of all people on Earth isn’t something anybody can do alone. Pray the Holy Spirit will use the whole body of Christ to accomplish this mission.



The header photo comes courtesy of the Alliance for the Unreached.