On May 23, remember 1/3 of humanity unreached by the Gospel

By May 12, 2021

International (MNN) — And May 23rd is the International Day for the Unreached. The Alliance for the Unreached uses the day to raise awareness about people groups unreached by the Gospel. One-third of all humans living on the planet have never heard of Jesus.

Photo courtesy of the Alliance for the Unreached.

Wayne Pederson explains why some groups are harder to reach than others. “Some of the most difficult to reach [live in] countries where there’s persecution, where there’s government interference, where there are cultural obstacles to not only receiving Christ but even hearing about Christ.” Pederson mentions countries like China, Pakistan, and North Korea, where governments and cultural forces often work against the Gospel.

The Alliance wants to help the North American Church remember the Great Commission, which Jesus gave His disciples before he ascended. Ever since, the Church has been on a mission to share God’s love with everyone on Earth. Pederson says, “We chose Pentecost Sunday because that’s the day that the church was born. Peter addressed [the crowd] and 3,000 people came to Christ. Today we’re living in an age where with the technology we have, we see a Pentecost every hour. Every hour 3000 people are coming to know Christ. We have shortwave, we have satellite, we have digital technology, podcasts, and apps that we can use.”

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Header photo courtesy of the Alliance for the Unreached. 

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