Missionaries overwhelmed by response to the Gospel in remote area

By April 20, 2011

Bolivia (MNN) — A group of missionaries recently traveled to a remote village in Bolivia to share the Gospel. It was not the first time they had ventured out like that, but it would prove to be a memorable one.

A Pioneers missionary reports that his team hoped to show a film to the community about Jesus' life. The only problem was there didn't appear to be much community.

The road into the town ends at a school, the missionary said, so the team was able to get out and request permission to show The JESUS Film for Children. The school agreed, and 36 children up through fifth grade were able to watch it. The missionaries told the children to come back later with their parents that night.

The missionary reported that in between the time at the school and the outreach that evening, the team ventured into the village to find homes and invite people. In the course of five hours, though, the team discovered a total of seven homes.

The team has done several of these evangelistic outreaches in the past with varying success, and the expectations for this particular one were low with so few people apparently around. The group was in for a surprise.

As the evening began, at least 60 people arrived to watch the full version of The JESUS Film. When the movie was over, a missionary preached the message of salvation and Jesus' atonement for our sins until he was sure the people understood. The Pioneers missionary says that when the leader finished speaking, "many of the people started to weep."

The leader asked those to come forward who wished to give their lives to Christ. A total of 40 people–24 adults and 16 youths–fell on their knees, many in tears. The question heard between tears was: "Why hasn't anyone come and told us this before?"

As the missionary recounted the experience, he said, "My wife and I have been to many secluded villages to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Once in a while, people give their lives to Him, but this trip was overwhelming to me to see how the Holy Spirit had been working in the absence of any Christian presence."

Pray that the Lord would continue to move in this village. Pray that the Holy Spirit would shape and grow the community in faithfulness to Christ, and that they would in turn be able to share the message with many.

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