Missionaries see their technical tasks in light of the bigger Gospel picture.

By September 2, 2005

Ecuador (MNN) — Thick jungle forests, no roads, no telephone lines…just a never-ending carpet of green.

The view of Ecuador from the cockpit of a Mission Aviation Fellowship airplane shows immense barriers to the Gospel being spread.

But MAF is overcoming those barriers to reach tens of thousands of unreached people in the jungles of Ecuador. Through the airplane and communication technology, MAF is bringing hope and help to meet people’s real needs.

Those in the remote jungles of Ecuador are now hearing about Christ, and lives are being transformed by the Gospel. MAF flights provide crucial medical evacuations, provide much-needed support for missionaries working in remote places, transport materials, doctors, teachers, JESUS Film workers, and make it possible for a number of other key ministry operations to continue.

It’s all in an effort to see the Gospel spread. The MAF missionaries’ hearts are to see God transform the world. MAF is excited to see their technical skills and tasks in light of the bigger picture of God’s work in the world.

Funding for flight costs is an ongoing need, especially now with fuel prices on the rise.

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