Missionary broadcast ministry adds new language to line-up

By April 22, 2008

Asia (MNN) — Reaching as many people as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the goal of many missionary radio broadcasters, and one organization has just added another language.

Last month, Far East Broadcasting Company added a new language to their roster — Black Hmong – which brings the total to 159 languages heard on FEBC's programs. Black Hmong is the third Hmong language offered through FEBC's international ministry.

The addition of this new language is an opportunity to share the message of God´s love with even more people of Southeast Asia.

The Hmong, located in southern China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma, total 4-5 million people. Until the 1950s when the Hmong began tuning in to shortwave Christian broadcasts, they worshipped evil spirits. But when they heard about God and Jesus, they recalled legends passed down from their ancestors that spoke of a redeemer King. Intrigued, their leader sent a group of men to the lowlands to find someone who could tell them more.

Soon afterwards, in 1959, a man with "round eyes" walked into their highland village in Laos and shared this revolutionary message: "God loves you, and His Son Jesus died for your sins. If you believe in Him you will have eternal life."

The Hmong were very excited because the foreigner's message confirmed what they had been hearing on their portable radios. There really was a God who loved them, and He possessed more power than the evil spirits who had held them hostage for generations. Before the missionary left their village a week later, 3000 people committed their lives to Christ.

Since that memorable day in 1959, hundreds of thousands of Hmong have accepted Christ as their Savior. While many of them are persecuted by the government for their faith, they remain committed believers. They faithfully tune into FEBC broadcasts, attend church, lead other minorities to the Lord, and rejoice in the promise of eternal life.

We receive hundreds of letters a year from the Hmong, such as this one: "I listen to your programs everyday. They are changing thousands of people's lives. We can't often write to you because we live far from the city, but please don't stop the broadcasts; they are very important to us. Please pray for the government not to harm us. We want to share the love of God with others. We pray for you and FEBC, to send the gospel to every country so all people will be saved."

Continue to pray for FEBC as they continue reaching lost souls through radio. Your financial support helps pay for air-time, production costs and follow-up needs.

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