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By November 25, 2010

USA (MNN) — Many countries celebrate Thanksgiving. In the United States, the traditions are thanking God for His blessing over a turkey dinner while being surrounded by family and friends.

While being thankful for what God has given to us is a good thing, Mission Network News thought it would be fun to ask our listeners what they're thankful for as it relates to missions.

Julie Boyd with Orphan's Heart says, "I am so thankful for the opportunity to see firsthand Fred and Juliet, a young couple in a village in Uganda pray to receive Christ as they knelt on a mat in front of their thatched hut. What a blessing to serve in mission opportunities."

Chief reporter with Assist News Michael Ireland says he's thankful for his ministry. "I am so thankful that I get to report on missions, the persecuted church, and the popular Christian culture all over the world. It's the passion of my life."

Jennifer White says, "I'm thankful to God for your e-mail newsletter. It's important to remain up-to-date when it relates to mission and what is really happening around the world."

Keith Bateman with Middle East Christian Outreach wants to thank God for work in the Middle East. He tells us, "We are thankful to God that He hasn't given up on the Middle East and are grateful that there are increasing numbers of young people who haven't [given up] either, but they are up to the challenge of reaching out to the least reached region of the world."

One of MNN's partners says, "[We're thankful] that we can share all of what God is doing to bless and advance His work at Shepherds Ministries in reaching people with intellectual disabilities and their families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Another listener is thankful for a ministry's work in Haiti. "I'm thankful for the Haiti trauma kits, produced and distributed for free by David C. Cook Global Ministries. They distribute and give them to organizations that do post traumatic stress training in Haiti."

Another listener is thankful for ministry reaching the world for Christ. "I'm thankful that God's Word is going out through world radio, like TWR and HCJB [Global Voice]. I'm thankful for Wycliffe and JAARS and those who print Scripture."

President of Avant Ministries Jack Elwood says he is "grateful for the many churches and friends who support, care and pray for our missionaries around the world."

We here at Mission Network News are thankful for all of you who listen and read our news each day. God bless you! Be praying about how God can use you to share the Good News in the days ahead as we look forward to Christmas around the world.

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