This is the house that love builds

By June 29, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Construction is underway in Haiti on Pilgrim
House #20. It's part of the outreach of
For Haiti With Love, the first one being financed 12 years ago by the Pilgrim Lutheran
Church of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Housing is hard to come by, especially in the months since
the quake struck Port-au-Prince. Most
Haitians can come up with land, having inherited it, but they will never be
able to save the money to build on it due to the grinding poverty. Prices have
risen dramatically since January, which further complicates the matter.  

Although they're not building in the quake zone, For Haiti
with Love is seeing the influx of survivors in Cap Haitien, a region
ill-equipped to handle the strain on resources. More extended families are crowding into single family dwellings, and the
overcrowding is causing its own problems.

A house is worlds away, as daily survival takes precedence
in the existence of the average Haitian.   

When their land + volunteer labor + financial support
for materials = a home, it speaks volumes for the mission of For Haiti With Love.

Their reputation on the island is already one that shouts
the Gospel. Once the house is completed, the keys go to the new homeowner, but
a relationship has blossomed by that time. A home underscores this message, and frequently the association
blossoms into a discipleship outreach.

A nice concrete block home has a concrete floor, wood
trusses, a corrugated metal roof, and a locking front door. Many church groups have undertaken the
financing of a home. The partnership
with the Pilgrim Lutheran Church is
still going strong. Click here for details.

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