Mongolian Christians fanning the Gospel flame

By June 20, 2023

Mongolia (MNN) — A missional flame has been sparked in the Mongolian Church.

When the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association held a local Gospel festival in September, several Mongolian Christians were trained for outreach.

Now, these Mongolian believers are fanning the Gospel flame by taking the same evangelism festival model to six more towns this summer.

Festival in Erdenet, Mongolia (Photo courtesy of Bibles For The World)

John Pudaite with Bibles For The World (BFTW) says, “It’s just wonderful to see how they are taking what they have learned from the BGA, who have the playbook and running festivals, using this model to continue to reach out to their own people in Mongolia.”

BFTW is providing copies of Scripture for distribution at the festivals.

Pudaite says, “The first city that we went to was is called Erdenet. It is the third largest city in Mongolia. It has a population of about 90,000. Out of that 90,000, there are only 700 believers in the entire city. So that less than 0.8% believers in that entire city.”

At the festival, over 4,000 Gospels of John were handed out. Attendees also got to enjoy local musicians and heard the Gospel presented!

“When the invitation was given to follow Christ, there were 385 people that stepped forward to receive the Lord as their personal Savior. Before this event, there were 700 believers. Now there are 385 new believers,” says Pudaite.

“The Body of Christ in one day grew by 55% — this was a real ‘day of Pentecost’ moment.”

It hasn’t stopped yet. The second city they went to has over 125,000 people and only about 1,000 believers. After the Gospel presentation for the festival, there were 859 new believers in that city!

Ask the Lord to allow for smooth travels and logistics for the remaining festivals in Mongolian cities this summer. Please pray for continued spiritual revival across Mongolia.








Header photo courtesy of Bibles For The World.