Monsoon rains leaves millions homeless in India, Christians respond

By July 29, 2005

India (MNN) — More than 500 people have been killed and millions are homeless after historic monsoon rains hit western India. Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is reporting more than 200 fatalities so far, but millions have been left homeless by the rains and resulting mudslides.

Mission Network News’ Greg Yoder was in Mumbai Monday, just missing the deluge.

Gospel for Asia’s KP Yohannan has been in contact with GFA workers in the region. GFA has work in the slum areas of Mumbai. “Nobody’s counting the poor and the suffering people. We have 28 pastors working in that neighborhood. By the grace of God no one died, but all the 12 churches they have in the slum areas completely got destroyed through the flood and the water there.”

The water also flooded the first floor of the Bible college MNN visited on Sunday.

Many of these pastors lost their homes. Despite their loss, Yohannan says, these believers are getting to work. “Many of our people are going to start distributing food and urgent needed materials, bringing water and stuff like that for lost of the suffering people in their ministry areas.” Not only are the pastors helping, but so are 80 students attending their Bible College.

The need for assistance is great, which will open unique spiritual doors. “Our people are able to share about the Lord and His love and the reason we do what we do. So, it is an opportunity in the midst of the suffering to express Christ’s love to the people.”

However, they can’t share Christ’s love if they don’t have food and other aid to distribute. Funding is needed now. “Any money they give saying it is for the suffering people in Bombay, every penny will be spent for that. And, we do need help at this time. And, it’ll be a significant blessing to reach to these tens of thousands of suffering people in the slums, especially.

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