Monsoon rains pressure ministry in India

By August 4, 2004

India (MNN) — Monsoon rains have hit Bangladesh and Northern India leaving millions homeless and destroying crops. The situation has had an impact on the work of Mission India of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mission India’s David DeGroot says they have a number of ministries in the states of Assam and Bihar, the hardest areas of Northern India. DeGroot says, “Our regional ministry people are trying to help the people. Our staff in India is putting together clothing supplies, medicines, food material – something like rice cakes, to spread among the victims.”

This is a difficult time for people living in this area, but DeGroot says it’s an opportunity for national ministry workers to tears down spiritual walls in the region. He says Assam and Bihar struggles with political, religious and ethnic tensions that restrict the spread of the Gospel.

DeGroot says Mission India is praying that…”our ministry people are not only safe from the devastating water, but now the aftermath, which is disease including mosquito borne malaria and cholera. We also pray that the people will be able to pull their ministries back together and move forward.”

Disaster, many times, provides additional opportunities to share Christ, says DeGroot. “People were asking questions. Who are these Christians who are jumping in here to help us? Why are they so concerned about outcast, downtrodden people, and here they are right in the middle of us share our misery trying to help us. The Lord uses His people in these very, very difficult situations.”

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