Months of farmer protests in India draw international attention

By February 16, 2021

India (MNN) — Farmer protests in India have been going on for several months now. In recent weeks, they reached a boiling point.

Indian farmers are angry over three new laws that they say will hurt their income. But the government says these changes will allow for greater competition in the market.

Protestors clashed with police in New Delhi and agricultural workers in several states are on strike. The government has responded with arrests and internet blackoutsThe ongoing unrest has drawn international attention, with celebrities and politicians speaking out on the situation.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

It’s no surprise since these protests have social, economic, and political implications. Farmers are the biggest voting bloc in India, and approximately 58 percent of Indians rely on agriculture as their primary source of income.

As farmers and politicians try to discern the best path forward, Erik* with Mission India says the local Church also has a role to play.

Erik says, “They’re going to be engaging and try to be loving and just be the beacon of hope and showing love. Jesus loves all of those involved on both sides.”

Mission India supports local Indian partners to carry out biblical programs and be the hands of Jesus in their communities.

Please pray for Indian believers to have “wisdom on how to navigate that and how to best resonate with the groups of people that are hurt or are struggling through the recent laws that were enacted.” Pray also for productive conversations between agricultural workers and government officials. Ask God to ultimately use this situation to draw the eyes of Indians above their circumstances to Christ.



Header photo courtesy of Pexels.


*Names changed for security purposes.