Pandemic escalates demand for audio Bibles in rural Kenya

By February 16, 2021

Kenya (MNN) — No matter where you live, you can probably look around and see the struggles created by this pandemic. Kenya is no different.

Widespread school closures put young girls at increased risk of child marriage. Food scarcity forced nearly half of the households in rural Kenya to eat less. “The pandemic has been really hard on the country of Kenya, and in the rural communities. The economy has been hit so hard,” Kenya Hope’s Joy Mueller says.

The good news? God is using this hardship to accomplish His purposes.

“People have felt hopeless and they are turning to the Word, they’re turning to the churches,” Mueller says.

“The Bibles are in huge demand because people are looking for hope.”

In partnership with local churches, Kenya Hope distributes solar-powered audio Bibles to people in several remote communities. “Each Bible that gets into the hands of someone reaches 30 to 50 people because they listen in groups; they don’t usually listen alone,” Mueller explains.  “In the last couple years, we’ve reached over 20,000 people just by [using] this simple device.”

Help send an audio Bible through Kenya Hope here. “This year, we’re hoping to distribute several hundred Bibles, and we’re distributing them in 11 different languages,” Mueller says.

“Pray for the impact of those Bibles [and] that we would have wisdom in knowing who to give them to,” she requests.

“Pray for us [to know] where we should direct our energies and our resources to help people. There’s a lot of hurting people out there.”



Header image courtesy of Kenya Hope.