Muslim population is growing in France, but Christians are seeing church growth

By January 5, 2006

France (MNN) — The growth of Islam in France isn’t surprising. Greater Europe Mission’s Steve Fisher works in France, mobilizing Christians to reach out to the growing Muslim population.

Fisher says there’s a reason for the incredible growth. “France colonized and controlled the North African countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. In the 60’s they brought in many Algerians to work. Many of those people stayed and then they had children here.”

People are also coming from Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries. According to Fisher, France is quickly becoming a missions-sending nation for people in an unlikely country. “What we see happening is many in North Africa, particularly in Algeria, the church there is exploding. It’s growing at a rapid pace and they’re having more and more of an effect on the immigrants in France. A man from Algeria who’s been pastoring a church for a number of years is bringing Algerians over to France to work as missionaries.”

The missions work is having an impact. Fisher says, “On the national network news they spoke of a movement that’s taking place in France and that is people from a Muslim background becoming evangelical Christians. And, some of these people were bold enough to actually be seen on television. So, that’s encouraging and I think that will draw more people out.”

Pray that more and more people will be open to the teaching of Christ and that many immigrants will come to Christ in France.

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