Muslims seize Pakistani hospital chapel, threaten Christians

By May 10, 2021

Pakistan (MNN) — Last month, we reported that two Christian nurses in Pakistan were arrested for removing an Arabic sticker. Read more here.

Now, this movement of oppression has spread throughout hospitals in Pakistan. In Lahore, Muslim nurses and medical staff have taken over the chapel of a mental hospital. Nehemiah from FMI says, “They [are keeping] Christian staff from coming to this chapel anymore. They’ve taken over this chapel, and they started offering their Muslim prayers there. They have threatened these Christian staff, nurses, janitors, and paramedical staff, telling them to leave their jobs or embrace Islam.”

The mental hospital has a chapel because the British constructed the building in the 1800s. Today, Christian hospital staff still use it to meet and worship.


Nehemiah says this persecution has the support of the TLP, a far-right Islamist political party. In recent weeks, the TLP has been encouraging unrest in major cities. It has become an increasingly popular party in Pakistan’s elections.

Nehemiah says, “Pray for the brothers and sisters, who are working in these hospitals. And [pray for those] not only in hospitals, but anywhere in Pakistan: the nurses, Christians, janitors, and domestic staff. Please pray for their lives, for their safety, and for their security. Pray not only for them, but for their families as well.”

Pray also for all FMI partners working in Lahore. As the TLP stirs up anti-Christian sentiment, many worry they could be targeted for arrest or even murder.



The header photo shows a protest in Pakistan in April. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)

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