Nepal’s growth and crisis bring hope

By April 13, 2012

Nepal (MNN) — There's been unexpected progress in Nepal's peace
process with the rebels over the last couple of days.

It's enough to embolden the Prime Minister to assure a
complete drafting if the new constitution within the May 28 deadline. It does seem as if huge strides have been
made by this 7-month-old government on peace, constitution drafting, good
governance, and development.

In the past, both processes were delayed due to political
instability and differences among parties over several core issues. However, with its nearly 30 million people and the hopeful steps made,
the country is considering itself the world's youngest republic. 

The hope that
is buoying people is contagious. Mawii Pudaite with Bibles
For the World
says they're ready to launch their newest project
in Nepal. What began as a dream has now
taken shape. "As we
discussed with the leadership in Nepal, our conclusion was that we should start
by giving out the Gospel of John widely."

The idea is
to reach every household with the Gospel of John, and then, "If they would like to
read the entire New Testament, they should write or call. In the back of the
Gospel of John [booklet], there would be the contact address and telephone number."

Pudaite says early indicators are that response will be huge. "We
have 26,000 people who've already requested the entire New Testament, and
so it's going to be very, very exciting."

By handling the distribution as a request, BFTW is directly
targeting this demographic for Scripture distribution, evangelism, and
discipleship. However, the pace of the
project is dependent on the funding they receive. "It costs 25¢¢ for the Gospel of
John, and the New Testament costs around $2.25. We'll start with 250,000 in the first printing and go from there…if
we could do the Gospel of John as a million copies."

The idea, she says, is to deliver a copy to every apartment,
every home, every family in the target region. 
"If we all work together, we can really claim Nepal for Christ.
While the communist government from another country is building roads into
Nepal in order to capture that nation, we will build highways for the king of
Kings in the hearts and lives of the Nepali people."

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