New converts face a deteriorating situation in Iran

By February 13, 2006

Iran (MNN)–Human Rights Watch reports basic human rights in Iran deteriorated considerably since 2005.

These reports have believers in the region alarmed, because they dovetail with the new edicts forbidding conversion from Islam.

SAT-7’s David Harder says, “That’s really not a surprising development. In many parts of the world, certainly not only in Iran, where maybe, it’s been codified into law, but in other places life for those who do choose to follow Jesus instead of the traditional religion they’ve been brought up in face a very difficult time.”

That’s a sentiment echoed by Open Doors USA President, Carl Moeller. He says, “If you convert from the Muslim faith, you can be killed as Mr. Tourani was last fall.” Moeller’s referring to the Iranian convert who was murdered in November by an unnamed group of fanatical Muslims that were reportedly “angry about his conversion.”

Harder says SAT-7 airs an Iranian Christian broadcast that reaches places where traditional ministry is very difficult. “It’s really a wonderful way to encourage individual Christians and to help build them up in the faith, and certainly these developments in Iran show that people need to be praying. We’re fortunate in the West, we have many freedoms. We have freedom to worship as we want or not to worship.”

Continue to pray for the believers in the region, that their faith will stay strong. SAT-7’s mission is to provide the churches and Christians of the Middle East and North Africa an opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ through inspirational, informative, and educational television services.

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