New ministry in the Congo ushered in by mission agencies.

By October 28, 2003

Congo–Kinshasa (MNN)–On October 1rst, Grace Ministries International’s Dr. Sam Vinton received a call from Kinshasa (capital of Congo) inviting him to be the featured speaker at the dedication of the “Jesus Film” in Kilega.
Kilega is the language of the Balega people in the Kama area where most of the churches associated with GMI are located. It is also one of the languages that Dr. Vinton grew up learning.

On October 11, Dr. Vinton arrived in Kinshasa and was met by a group from the newly planted Grace church in that city. He preached the next morning, and during the afternoon, he spoke at the special dedication service of the “Jesus Film,” the newly printed Kilega Bible, and the Balega who have been elected to the new transition government of the Congo.

The vice president of Congo, Dr. Arthur Ngoma, was in attendance, and after the service he invited Dr. Vinton and a number of pastors and senators to a restaurant where he asked for prayer from the American Christians. Please pray for him.

While there, Dr. Vinton visited the president of the Congolese Senate, a number of senators and representatives, as well as the president of the Protestant University, who invited him to teach a modular course at the university. He also visited the new K-12 school that was begun by our Grace church in Kinshasa. He was encouraged to see the initiative taken by the leaders of our Grace church in this city of seven million people. Please pray for an effective witness in that city.

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