New Testament? $2.25…. Faith? Priceless.

By December 23, 2011

India (MNN) — Boasting of one of the largest concentrations of Hindus in the world, India’s Christmas season passes by with very little recognition of the true purpose for the season.

The Christian population in India totals only a meager 2.3% in a country that holds over 1 billion people. But for that 2.3% who hold to faith in Jesus Christ, the Christmas season brings much unity and joy.

Mawii Pudaite with Bibles for the World shares the traditions of Christians in Northeast India. "We celebrate Christmas as a community…we usually have a minimum of two days of celebration together. We have communal feasts in the late afternoon, and no one is omitted.”

To enjoy fellowship with other believers while worshipping the same Lord is truly a blessing for Christians in India, in light of the commonality of persecution in the country.

According to an article in "Christianity Today," the year 2010 saw around 150 attacks on Christians in India for their faith. It’s no wonder India’s Christians take two days to celebrate the birth of Christ, since having such faith can cost them dearly.

Bibles for the World has a solid outreach in India. They hope to draw more people into the saving grace of God, especially around Christmas when giving gifts is a special way to show you care.

“What better gift can you and I give this Christmas than to give the Word of God…to those who have never read God’s Word or heard the Good News even once in their life,” says Pudaite.

Giving the gift of a Bible this Christmas season through Bibles for the World doesn’t cost much. It only takes $2.25 to print and mail a New Testament, and 25 cents to provide the Gospel of John.

Pudaite reminds us that “thousands are celebrating Christmas for the first time with its true meaning because they’ve received a Bible to help them, and through reading it they’ve come to know the Savior.”

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