New transmitter soon to be up and running

By January 17, 2008

Benin (MNN) —  After four years of spiritual battle, a new transmitting station will broadcast for the first time in Benin on February 1. 

Trans World Radio
hopes the station will be automated within three months. They will be broadcasting programs from local churches and ministries. 

With at least 15 languages reaching into 9 countries, they will be able to reach areas that are difficult to reach, such as northern Nigeria. There is a specific group that
they hope they will be able to impact. "We'll broadcast on a regular basis, every night, and Islam is growing there. They need to hear the Gospel, a clear presentation of the Gospel, so programs like ‘Through the Bible' will get in very clearly to those area now," said TWR's Ray Alary.

The potential listening audience is 63 million. Though the date is approaching for the first broadcast, there are still needs. "We are looking for at least one more staff member. We've got a builder there and an engineer there right now. We really need some support there for them. It's a tough place to be. We are a pioneering missionary there," said Alary. They are 35 miles out of town, and the nearest town has no electricity.

"Even though we're ready to go on the air, I think in some ways we need to be bathed in prayer even more now than in the building process," said Alary. They still need funding, as well, to cover costs.  

Since many people will be hearing the Gospel for the first time, Alary has another prayer request.  "We need to pray for those who are going to hear the Gospel maybe for the very first time, that they'll be receptive and that their hearts
will be changed for the Lord Jesus Christ," he said.

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