Niger’s famine interferes with ministry.

By August 9, 2005

Niger (MNN)–Niger’s famine is threatening two and a half million of the country’s 12 million people with starvation. 1.6 million of them need immediate help, and the crisis is growing.

In neighboring Mali, Mauritania and Burkino Faso there are one and a half million more in desparate need of food aid.

Niger Pastor Sani Nomaou (SAHnee NOmoh) says the famine is affecting everything, especially ministry. “One in three Nigeriens is hungry. It’s very difficult for them to hear the message of Jesus, their Savior, because they’re very hungry.”

Namaou is in the United States working on a partnership with Words of Hope.

WOH’s Lee DeYoung says the famine was not part of their original ministry plan, but they’re now looking for ways to help meet those critical needs. He says they’re looking to assist a couple of denominations with ties to their outreach.

In fact, the Reformed Church of America, along with the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger are moving to assist in the crisis. They are also in partnership with WOH to produce daily broadcasts in Hausa as well as other significant languages indigenous to Niger.

Words of Hope would provide materials and help train local pastors to effectively pursue broadcasting opportunities on local stations.

DeYoung says plans are moving ahead for broadening the radio outreach. “The studio is nearly finished, so we hope to get it equipped for recording by the end of 2005 or the very early part of 2006. I would hope that by the second or third quarter of 2006, these programs are on the air.”

Nomaou says they could use not only assistance, but the prayers of brothers and sisters in Christ as they prepare to launch this new outreach.

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