Olympic outreach already seeing spiritual fruit

By August 11, 2004

Greece (MNN) – As the Apostle Paul announced the ‘unknown God’ to the people of Greece two thousand years ago, evangelicals are preparing to do the same as the Olympic Games begin in Athens, Greece. AMG International’s Cosmo Vision Center is the headquarters for many ministries who are joining together in FLAME 2004, an effort to reach the Greek people and those attending the Olympic Games with the Gospel.

AMG’s Paul Jenks says the ministry has already been successful. Jenks say ministry to Indian construction workers in the Olympic village have already responded to the message of hope. “We started having outreach even to those India workers. And, we’ve had about 170 of those workers come to the Cosmo Vision Center and have heard the Gospel. More than a dozen of those have given their heart to Christ already and four have actually been baptized into a local church. That’s first fruits,” says Jenks

This is just the beginning of Olympic outreach as the Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for Friday. Jenks is asking for prayer as they’ll be making an open air presentation to the ‘unknown God’ on Tuesday. He says, “It will be with music, testimonies from athletes, drama, mime, all sorts of events that will go on for several hours to people who will pass by and have an opportunity to hear a Gospel presentation.”

Jenks says another major focus will be at the church near the Acropolis where they will be handing out something special. “Bottles of water will be given out and then attached to every bottle of water is a tract with not only the Gospel message, but an invitation to come to AMG’s bookstore there in Athens, to receive either a free copy of the Olympic New Testament, or a copy of the special edition of the Jesus Film.”

Mission Network News will have special Olympic outreach coverage throughout the Olympic games.

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