OneHope shares Christ’s love in Vancouver

By February 22, 2010

Canada (MNN) — Thousands upon thousands of people from countless traditions and cultures have crossed the globe to come to the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. What better place to share the Gospel!

OneHope has distributed hundreds of millions of copies of the Book of Hope throughout its ministry. These books share the Gospel in a kid-friendly manner so that children from all cultures can understand and believe the story of Jesus Christ.

With so many families at the Olympic Games right now, OneHope simply could not pass up the opportunity to share the love of Christ through these booklets. OneHope has created a special Winter Games edition of the Book of Hope to hand out in Vancouver. The booklets contain fun facts about the Olympics, an event schedule, testimonies of Olympic athletes, and an easy-to-understand story of the life of Jesus.

OneHope is partnering with the Canadian Bible Society and youth ministry "More Than Gold" in order to distribute the booklets. OneHope prays that by providing this free, fun book, kids and their families will not only become familiar with the story of Christ, but will leave the Olympics transformed by God's love.

Pray that the Winter Games Book of Hope would reach people from many countries and cultures with the transforming story of Jesus Christ.

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