Rains complicate Haiti response

By February 22, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Rain began falling over Haiti late last week and within hours turned makeshift camps for homeless quake victims into a swampy mess.

Ray Cooper with Operation Mobilization says, "I heard from
the team that it was miserable. With so
many people still lacking any kind of decent shelter, it's terrible." 

The situation poses a tough challenge to relief efforts in
the quake-shattered country. Food
distribution is further complicated by the camp conditions. 

Cooper is back in Haiti today to facilitate OM's response
through a network of local partnering ministries.  Their group divided into three ministry
directions: providing medical care, working with a local orphanage, and distributing
food and supplies.

The network is critical to the distribution, says Cooper. "Doors have been opened for OM's involvement, thanks to the connection with the orphanage
through the local church partnership here, and to a number of local churches
in Haiti where we've helped pastors in the past." 

OM is working outside Port-au-Prince where they are linked
with a network of orphanages, providing food and other supplies.
Additionally, they've set up water systems, sent medical teams, and provided structural engineers to evaluate buildings.

The OM U.S office collected donations of specific supplies from
churches near the office, and these were distributed in Haiti on February
17. The team also visited five
orphanages and supplied them with bed linens and food.

OM also assessed another orphanage's needs for future
assistance. Through the orphanages, the team touched the lives of
751 children in one day, plus countless adults being helped by the orphanages.

Cooper says their overall focus is eternal. "Teams that
are going down are able to pray with people and see what doors are being
opened for them either to come to Christ or to find

OM needs prayer and financial support. Click here for more. 

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