Orphans worldwide need you

By October 18, 2012

USA (MNN) — Do you have a passion for the fatherless? Is it important to you that these kids have hope? There's a way for you not only to make a difference, but to help be a catalyst for hope. How? By becoming a Champion for Children through Bethany Christian Services.

According to Bethany Christian Services, many children in our world live without hope of a brighter future. When you become a Champion for Children at Bethany, you commit to remembering these children through prayer and action. The three levels of commitment include praying, giving, and becoming involved in an Orphan and Adoption Ministry in your church. Start with the ideas in Bethany's Champions for Children Guide and empower your church to act on behalf of vulnerable children.

Bethany has a lot of information about this program on their Web site. As you explore the information on their page, you'll discover the ways you can make a difference.

If you're interested in creating or joining an Orphan and Adoption Ministry in your church, you can learn how by watching a video on their Web site. You will hear ideas on how to engage and encourage the body as well as strategies to create a thriving ministry, regardless of your church congregation's size or experience with orphan care ministry to this point. Once you have watched the video, explore the links to see what tools, resources, and opportunities best suit the heart of your church.

You can also sign up for Making an Impact–a free, weekly e-newsletter for Champions for Children and prayer volunteers. The newsletter includes specific prayer requests and features several domestic and international waiting children. In addition, Bethany's National Director of Church Partnerships provides tips and news for Church Champions. Making an Impact is your link to the spiritual heart of Bethany's ministry.

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