Pakistan’s former PM Imran Khan behind bars as legal team appeals

By August 10, 2023

Pakistan (MNN) — The political barometer in Pakistan is quickly rising this week with former Prime Minister Imran Khan sentenced to three years in prison. Khan was convicted of corruption charges, which also means he is banned from the political sphere for the next five years.

His legal team appealed the decision yesterday, saying the charges are political targeting.

One thing is certain: The high-profile will add pressure and complicate the debates for Pakistan’s general election later this year.

Nehemiah with FMI says, “I think Pakistan is the only country in the world that no prime minister has completed a full five-year tenure in Pakistan’s 75-years history.

“On 18 occasions, prime ministers have been removed under different circumstances including corruption charges, direct military coups, forced resignations, and even assassinations.

Pakistan flag (Photo courtesy of Abuzar Xheikh/Unsplash)

“So when Mr. Khan become prime minister, every Pakistani knew that he’s going be thrown out from the office in a year or two. And this is exactly what happened – that he was thrown out after three years and he had multiple charges on him.”

The last several years have been hard on Pakistanis with a crumbling economy and currently no functioning government.

Nehemiah says, “I was talking to our partner and he was very much worried for his congregation, for his family, that how he is going to feed them. But we praise God for ministries like FMI who are helping and ready to serve in these difficult situations in Pakistan.”

Only the Gospel can change hearts and offer hope in Pakistan. Please pray for this, and encouragement for FMI ministry partners who are sharing Jesus Christ with others.









Header photo of of Imran Khan, former PM of Pakistan. (Photo courtesy of Financial Times/Flickr: