Pamphlet drop terrorizes Christians in Pakistan.

By May 19, 2004

Pakistan (MNN)–It’s been a murmur, a whisper of threat rising with the happenings throughout Iraq.

Now, the threat is becoming a growl, according to the Pakistani Christian Post. A wave of leaflets is regularly hitting parts of Central Pakistan, causing concern for believers. The pamphlets are hitting Christian colonies in Quetta at night, threatening a holy war, and accusing blasphemy.

To make matters worse, the area government has already enacted Sharia law in the province and now says it will enforce against blasphemers.

According to the Post, the pamphlet threatens churches, schools and hospitals that are evangelizing. The ‘From Frontiers of Jihad against America’ organization that authored the leaflet, is also forcing Christians to join them to evangelizing Islam in America and joining Jihad against America. Strong arm tactics reportedly include threatening harm to relatives and children, along with outright bribery.

Meanwhile, after a series of handwritten threats sent to Christian leaders in the Pakistani city of Quetta last week, Compass Direct News says at least one Protestant pastor has been reported missing by his family, with the whereabouts of another six uncertain.

Several news sources report that Pastor Wilson Fazal of the Pakistan Gospel Assembly in Quetta has been missing since Sunday morning, when his family believes he was abducted by an unknown group of Muslim extremists.

Pray for those involved with ministry in the area. Pray too, for the small Christian community there.

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