Pastor attacked by extremists

By October 2, 2009

India (MNN) — Since his conversion from Hinduism six years
ago, Indian pastor Vanamali Parishudham has suffered opposition for his faith
in Christ from other Hindus and even his parents. Most recently, Pastor Parishudham
was physically attacked on his way to his home in Narketpalli, Andhra Pradesh.

On his five-kilometer walk home from a Sunday service, three
Hindu extremists came up behind Parishudham and struck him hard on the head
with what are being called sharp-edged metal rods. According to International
Christian Concern,
Parishudham was knocked unconscious almost immediately and left
for dead by his attackers. He was bleeding severely from the head.

Someone from the village called an ambulance, and Parishudham was taken to the hospital in which he has worked for the past seven years. Parishudham
suffered blood loss but is now recovering with six
stitches in his head. Tests are still underway to check for internal damages.       

Onlookers later told Parishudham that they believed his
attackers were members of the Hindu extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).
It was speculated that the extremists disliked Parishudham's Christian preaching
and opposed his recently-opened prayer house.  

Fourteen similar cases of physical persecution against Christians have
taken place this year in Andhra Pradesh alone. Some of those persecuted have fled and quit their
ministries as a result.

Parishudham, however, plans to continue on with his ministry and
continue preaching. Pray that the Lord would bless Pastor Parishudham with the
ability to stand firm and the means to continue spreading the Word in love.
Pray that the hearts of Parishudham's attackers would be softened and changed
for Christ.   

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