Peace talks on hold in Nepal–ministry could be disrupted.

By March 31, 2004

Nepal (MNN)–The European Union is urging Nepal to negotiate a solution to its conflict.

Maoist rebel violence in recent weeks threatens not only the possibility of talks, but also threatens poll plans. The royal family’s massacre created a power vacuum, which is only partially filled by the surviving family member, King Gyanendra.

Elections in the revolt-racked country have been delayed since 2002, when Gyanendra sacked the elected prime minister, appointed a royalist replacement and postponed polls set for November that year because of a bloody Maoist rebellion.

The violence was limited to rural areas, but is spreading throughout the country into the urban areas, as well.Interserve’s Doug Von Bronkhorst says their teams focus on medical missions in rural areas because, “Daily life still goes on for people. Many people are not affected by it from day to day.”

The violence continues its escalation, sparking travel warnings from the US State Department. While a dangerous mission, Von Bronkhorst says the teams are determined. “Our workers are all still there, we haven’t pulled anybody out. They are doing their jobs, as much as they are able, and the other thing about it is, Nepal does have a strong Christian church now, which would not have been true in the previous generations.”

Von Bronkhorst says the trouble could spell trouble for future outreach. “In many ways, all we can do is pray. The Nepalese, themselves, have to solve this problem. I don’t think it’s going to be solved by outsiders necessarily. It’s not really on the radar screen for anybody on the outside world. You rarely even read about these thingsā€¦but certainly prayers for the Nepali people, prayers for some just resolution to the difficulties.”

Please continue to pray for the people of Nepal, that their hearts would respond to the Gospel. Pray to for the safety of the team. With security getting worse, contingency plans are in effect.

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