Parts of the Bible closer to becoming hate literature

By March 31, 2004

Canada (MNN) — It’s been brewing for months now, but legislation in Canada could make parts of Scripture illegal. The proposed law, C-250, passed the House of Commons already. It adds homosexuality to the list of protected classes in the hate propaganda sections of the country’s criminal code.

The International Bible Society is concerned about the legislation. Director of IBS Canada, Donald Brooker says the bill just went to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs this week. They’ve agreed to recommend the bill without any amendment. The Senate will begin to debate the bill for third reading, which is the final stage before passing it into law.

“The government has failed to adequately define hatred, or sexual orientation in this bill. Which, leaves it open that portions of Scripture could be considered as hate literature,” says Brooker.

Brooker says the bill shouldn’t prohibit evangelism, “but they could as much as ask that the Bible be edited and certain verses removed and certain teachings not be done. And, that’s a major concern, because as you begin to delete things from the Gospel, you’ve taken away from the message of that.”

While many say this is an extreme view, however similar things were said in the 1980’s when Canada’s new constitution was established. Now those views are coming to pass as homosexual marriage is legal in two parts of Canada and is endanger of becoming the law of the land in that country.

Christians in Canada and around the world are being encouraged to pray. Canadians are also being encouraged to contact their Senators and ask them to oppose C-250 and have the amendments made. Brooker says if nothing happens the legislation will pass some time later this year.

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