Plans move forward with tools for church leaders in Iran.

By March 16, 2004

Iran (MNN)–Sammy Tippit Ministries reports that the reprinting of The Prayer Factor book in Farsi is going smoothly. The book will be both a tool and a blessing for the Iranian recipients.

As a tool, it complements a bigger vision for STM. A special media team is in the final stages of editing a new Persian television program to be broadcast around the Middle East.

Pray for the skill of the technicians as they work to complete the project, for the quality of the tapes, and for all of the equipment to work properly.

The teams are also in the final process of duplicating and distributing Farsi leadership lessons to Persian Christians around the world. Pray that these lessons will encourage and teach those who hear them. Pray for the people who are reprinting it and for those who will be using it to encourage and minister around the world. The combined tools will help those in ministry in Iran.

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