Professionals the focus of evangelistic outreach abroad

By October 5, 2005

International (MNN) — While many mission agencies reach out to the poor, sick and the homeless in evangelism, Wide Net International Ministries is doing just the opposite.

Wide Net International’s Jason Williamson says, “Our goals are to reach the lost professionals around the world, the movers and the shakers, the people that in our missions outreach are left behind.”

Wide Net does that with volunteer professionals from the west. “What we do is mobilize the body of Christ within western cultures to go into the developing nations to reach those movers, those shakers, those influencers around the world.”

Short-term mission trips are the key to making this happening, says Williamson. “We conduct business, technology and leadership seminars. So, we’ll do a three or a four day conference, publicize it via TV and radio and we’ll partner with the local church.”

By doing this, it helps the church. “We’re able to allow the local church, who often has great inroads within the poor lower class, but just don’t have accessibility into the middle and upper class. So, by providing these business and technology and leadership conferences, we’re able to do that,” says Williamson.

The first conference they held, 250 people attended and more than 20 people came to Christ and are now serving in a local church. But, that only happened because of the local church involvement.

Williamson says, since many of these people are in leadership in these countries, this kind of ministry could change a community or a nation. “Some of the people who have been able to come to Christ, they’re leaders within the military, they’re leaders within their government. And, their sphere of influence is much greater that the average person, however, we’re able to effectively enable significant change in that area.”

Wide Net needs volunteers to help. Business, technical, marketing and leadership professionals are needed to help teach these conferences. If you’re interested, click on the link above to get connected.

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