‘ProtestPP’ rallies pro-lifers nationwide

By August 3, 2015

(Logo courtesy ProtestPP.com)

USA (MNN) – As the Planned Parenthood scandal continues, a league of more than 50 pro-life groups is calling U.S. citizens to action.

As stated here, ProtestPP is a coalition of pro-life groups calling for a National Day of Protest on August 22, 2015 at Planned Parenthood facilities throughout the U.S.

Demonstrators aim to raise awareness of Planned Parenthood’s alleged illegal activities and rally support for federal defunding of the organization.

“We will unite to inform the public, expose the brutality, and call for an end to all state and federal funding of this abortion giant,” ProtestPP states on its Web site.

What’s the big deal?

Since the first undercover video was released by Center for Medical Progress (CMP) on July 14, the Planned Parenthood scandal has “gone viral.” As a result, the divide is widening between pro-life and pro-choice parties.


The Senate is said to be voting this afternoon on a bill that would remove federal funding from Planned Parenthood. It’s not expected to pass; 60 votes are needed, and even though Republicans hold a majority, “moderate” members of the party are expected to side with Democrats.

As a pro-life doctor, Rand Paul cared for premature babies to save their sight.  (Photo courtesy Senator Rand Paul Facebook page)

As a pro-life doctor, Rand Paul cared for premature babies to save their sight.
(Photo courtesy Senator Rand Paul Facebook page)

Republican presidential hopefuls like Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have been leveraging the controversy since it broke mid-July for publicity and political gain.

Republican House Speaker John Boehner called for official investigations soon after the first video was released.

Thus far, investigators in two states have found nothing incriminating. However, it’s unknown if Planned Parenthood clinics in those states were implied fetal tissue providers in the first place.


Pro-choice advocates like The National Abortion Federation and StemExpress are seeking legal action against CMP, trying to incriminate the messenger and downgrade the message.

(Photo credit: Randy Bayne via Flickr)

(Photo credit: Randy Bayne via Flickr)

On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi took a strong pro-choice stand, claiming House Democrats would “overwhelmingly” oppose any defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Her position was to be expected, given the Margaret Sanger Award she received last year.

No matter which side of the political fence you stand on, the Planned Parenthood scandal raises serious ethical and spiritual questions.

Why does it matter?

As LIFE International’s Melinda Delahoyde observed recently, “This issue is one that will never go away, in the United States or around the world, because it has to do with ‘Who is a human being?’”

In addition, God’s Word is clear: only the Lord can give and take life. As His image-bearers and followers, we’re bound to protect and defend life in every form as His Spirit leads.

  • Pray

Ask the Lord how He would have you act to help defend unborn lives. Pray for truth to be revealed as CMP’s Human Capital project uncovers more details. Pray that somehow, the Planned Parenthood scandal would draw unbelievers to Christ.

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  • Give

Missionary Evelyn Stone trains volunteers for a new pregnancy center in Chile.  (Photo, caption courtesy Life Matters Worldwide)

Missionary Evelyn Stone trains volunteers for a new pregnancy center in Chile.
(Photo, caption courtesy Life Matters Worldwide)

As the Lord leads, support life-giving ministries that pair a sanctity of life message with the eternal Truth of Scripture.

Life Matters Worldwide recognizes threats to the sanctity of human life–abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia–as opportunities to show compassion and share Christ.

Since 1984, Life Matters has partnered with believers across the U.S. and around the world to establish and sustain pro-life ministries as effective Gospel outreaches.

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  • Go

ProtestPP demonstrations have already been organized in more than 30 states.

Find a list of locations here.


  • I want to thank you for all you do. I want to say I am a pro life, and I am praying for the unborn. God bless you all.

  • chris price says:

    Thank You for doing what Jesus told us to do. He warned us about the End Days and We are Here. GOD BLESS YOU

  • We as a church and nation Have just had our eyes opened with the supreme courts recent decision on marriage and the fallout it has created we are going too have too take a stand or lose our families of this natio the enemies of god are not playing they will take our freedom and our freespeech away from us if we dont fight back. Planned parenthood has long been an enemy of the church and our jesus. they will use any money they make off of the unborn too lobby against us on all religous liberty issues. we must take a stand against evil while we still can. because there is coming a day when we will not be able to stand without going too jail and then we wil look back at this time and say we should have taken a stand while we could and now it is too late without paying a heavy price such as our fredom or even our life. And we will regret our missed opportunity too take a stand if we dont take a stand when our risk of retaliation by the enemy is low than we wont stand when we are required to lose everything for our belief. we say we wil but many wont

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