Quake rattles nerves in Taiwan

By March 9, 2010

Taiwan (MNN) — A 6.4
magnitude earthquake rattled southern Taiwan last week, but did not
devastate.   Bethany Christian Services is
working with partner Cathwel Services in Taiwan. In this case, no news may be good news. 

E-mailed reports from their
partner came shortly after the quake, and there was no mention of it.  Coupled with the distance from the epicenter,
Bethany takes this to mean the quake did not significantly affect their ministry. 

Team members did say some of the children are in Kaohsiung–one of the
areas affected, but children and staff are fine. They did say that the
earthquake hit mainly in the rural mountain area, and while it caused some
damage and injuries, the situation is under control.

The team remains focused on
sharing the hope of Christ where they are. Their work involves a program for
adoptive families interested in waiting children who often have moderate-to-severe special needs.

However, the waiting period for a referral has been prolonged to three
years. The team is working to limit the number of the applicants and shorten
the waiting list, but they have also reinforced their "Waiting Child Program."

In the meantime, they press forward thanking the Lord for His
protection over the children
and staff.  Please pray, too, for the
people of Taiwan as they work to recover from this earthquake.


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