Questions remain in Beslan, Russia — Christians ready to help

By May 26, 2006

Russia (MNN) — Relatives of the victims of the Beslan, Russia school hostage tragedy renewed their accusations this week of an official cover-up in the attack that killed 331 people. Those accusations resurfaced as the judge read the types of weapons used in the attack, as the verdict was read on the sole surviving suspected attacker.

While incredible sadness remains in Beslan, Christians in the United States are already preparing to bring eternal happiness to the region and beyond on the second anniversary of the attack.

Buckner Orphan Care International’s Amy Norton and Russian Ministries’ Sergey Rakhuba say they’re working together to send two containers with 30,000 new shoes to Beslan and war-torn Chechnya. Norton says, “We’ve never sent shoes there before and we’re so excited in talking with Sergey and hearing that we had an opportunity with his ministry to reach children who have never received new shoes. With his staff, they will get the Gospel message.”

With terrorism an every day concern in the region, Norton says shoes will go a long way to providing hope. “Being able to walk up with a new pair of shoes, which any child and family needs in that area, just opens the doors for conversation to be able to talk about why those new shoes are being given to them and then sharing the Gospel and that’s what it’s all about.”

But, Buckner and Russian Ministries aren’t just stopping at sending shoes, says Norton. “We are actually going to partner with Russian Ministries and have a team go to Beslan. The trip is August 31st through September 10th and so the team will be there during the second anniversary of the attack on the school.”

Norton says the trip will give you a hands on opportunity to share the Gospel with children who may not have any hope. “You actually go each day into orphanages, into the schools where families who have suffered from these attacks and just reaching out with the shoes and also with your arms through love and doing a small vacation Bible school program as you deliver the shoes.”

If you would like to be part of this special trip, you can find information on our Short-term Missions Database. Click on “Go on a Trip” on the sidebar, and then click “Mission Focus” to see the SOS Beslan trip information.

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