Radio for kids an increasing need in Africa

By October 13, 2011

Ghana (MNN) — In the Western world, radio is hardly the most popular technological medium. With the invention of televisions, smart phones, iPads, and internet, people wishing to get discipleship outside of the church have an abundance of options open to them.

In Africa though, radio is still the most listened-to medium, says the Radio Africa Network's Sandy Day. Radio has the potential to speak Truth into millions of lives–even little ones.

This autumn, HCJB Global was part of a radio conference in Ghana in which the focus for radio programs was the "4/14 Window," or children ages 4 to 14.

Children are increasingly being raised in child-led households due to war and disease, Day noted at the biennial Africa by Radio Continental Conference. Captivating children with the Gospel through radio could be a vital means of introducing the peace of Christ to more households on the continent.

Many sessions during the conference dealt with practical learning of radio skills such as selecting a portable recorder, planning Christian programming, and installing and maintaining transmitters. The conference also discussed online education, new media, and even healthcare concerns.

Children were the focus of the 1 billion-person continent with an increasingly young population. Pray that these radio stations might be better equipped to lead children's programs and create broadcasts that assure kids of who Christ is and what He's done for them.

HCJB is happy to be a part of the initiative. This ministry has radio broadcasts all across the globe, focusing on discipling listeners in hard-to-reach areas and spreading the Gospel to all who will listen. To learn more about HCJB Global's work, click here.

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