Rebuilding begins in India

By May 25, 2009

India (MNN) — Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wasted no time in swearing in his new government. Singh had the support of 322 members of parliament, 48 from outside the Congress-led governing coalition. He is also the first premier since 1971 to win re-election after serving a five-year term.

Voters handed him the biggest election win in two decades and the opportunity to rebuild after months of violence threatened India's stability.

As it is, Singh will have a lot to overcome. Although the pogrom in Orissa seems to have subsided as a whole, Compass Direct reports that as recently as two weeks ago, Hindu extremists attacked Christians in Mondakai relief camp in Kandhamal.

The Global Council of Indian Christians reported that, under cover of darkness, extremists beating drums and chanting Hindu devotionals tried to enter the camp where about 1,500 Christian refugees have stayed since last August's anti-Christian violence.

The Hindu hardliners attacked Swasti Nayak, a Christian who was standing near the camp's main gate, leaving him with minor injuries. Police patrolling the camp intervened soon after, keeping the crowd of attackers at bay. Christian leaders met with state authorities to demand additional police protection.

Even as the attacks continue, Mawii Pudaite with Bibles For the World says, "It's our hope and prayer that persecution of Christians in Orissa and Gujarat will stop. It is also our prayer that the churches destroyed in Orissa will be rebuilt and the thousands of Christians who fled for their lives would return to their homes and be able to reclaim their properties and rebuild their houses." 

Pudaite says that's not the only thing being built.  "Bibles For the World was able to send 120,000 Gospels in Oriya for Orissa. Reverend Hrudaya and his team are distributing them.  We need to print at least 500,000 Gospels and 200,000 New Testaments." 

They need funding. A gift of $225 will reach 100 families, or $22.50 will reach 10 families. Click here if you can help.



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