Russia attacks aid distribution centers in Ukraine

By August 25, 2023

Ukraine (MNN) — Russian President Vladimir Putin again blamed the West for the war in Ukraine this week during a video speech at the BRICS summit.

Putin is the only BRICS leader not to attend the summit in person because he is wanted for war crimes. Member nations see the BRICS coalition as a counterbalance to Western-dominated alliances.

Russia invaded Ukraine almost 18 months ago. The Kremlin portrays the decision as a defensive move against Western powers.

Today, “the situation on the ground is precarious, but it has been for some time,” Eric Mock of Slavic Gospel Association says.

“There’s a massive number of people displaced by this brutal conflict; thousands have no good drinking water anymore.”

SGA continually offers aid supplies and hope through a network of churches in Ukraine. More about that here.

“We’re bringing solar power backup systems [that allow] bomb shelters and churches on the front line to charge cell phones so [people] can stay in touch with those evacuating or providing water and food aid,” Mock says.

“Since the war began, over 16 million meals and over 1,800 tons of aid have been brought in.”

SGA-supported pastors say that aid distribution centers in Ukraine are now under attack. The latest bombing destroyed one center used by several churches, killing four and wounding 15 people.

“Pray that many people, in the middle of these desperate times, would turn to Christ,” Mock requests.

“When a crisis comes into a person’s life, they begin to recognize they’re not God, and they turn to Him for hope.”



Header image depicts aid distribution center in Ukraine destroyed by Russian bombs. (Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association)