Russian sibling sets in critical need of adoption.

By August 9, 2006

Russia (MNN)–Sometimes Russian orphanages find themselves taking in siblings separated by a few years.

When they’re young, that’s not a problem. But, as sibling groups age out of care from younger children’s orphanages, they are placed in orphanages more appropriate for their ages, sometimes breaking up what’s left of the family.

Phil Brinkmeyer, Buckner International Adoption’s Russia program coordinator says, “Everyone knows the best situation is to keep family members together, but the orphanage director will have to relocate the older brothers, possibly as soon as next month, leaving the younger sisters behind.”

Buckner Orphan Care International says this presents an urgent need for the immediate adoption of the siblings as a group.

That sometimes proves difficult because of the perceptions that come with older child adoptions. That’s a problem that could partially be solved by Buckner’s ‘Angels from Abroad’ program.

It allows Russian children to visit U.S. families “while raising awareness about the large number of older children living in Russian orphanages and Buckner programs to improve their lives.”

Buckner hopes that the families taking them will provide the hope of Christ.

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