Russian war stifles Ukraine Independence Day

By August 24, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — It’s Independence Day in Ukraine. But cities remain on guard instead of celebrating 31 years of liberation from Soviet rule.

Threats of Russian attack led the Ukrainian government to ban mass gatherings in Kyiv this week, and the United States encouraged any citizens in Ukraine to “leave now.”

Many people turn to local radio for the latest information. Alenka Stephenson with TransWorld Radio Europe says the TWR team in Ukraine is hard at work. “They are preparing a lot of up-to-date programming that can address the situation,” Stephenson says.

“[They want to] be the voice of hope, the voice of calmness, because many people are really struggling with fear. That fear overtakes and paralyzes people.”

Today also marks six months since Russia began its war on Ukraine. See our complete coverage of the crisis here. The conflict is now locked in a stalemate. Fighting near Europe’s largest nuclear power plant raises fears of a “catastrophic nuclear incident.”

(click to view animation) Animated map showing territorial advances between Russian/Ukrainian forces, from February 24.
(Wikimedia Commons)

“Even with all these things going on, the Church is going strong,” Stephenson says.

“We got the report of a mass baptism among the Roma community. Many people who never knew about TWR now know because they (TWR show hosts) talk about what is happening today. They’re addressing what is going on and [helping] people cope with it.”

Send tangible help through TWR’s Ukraine Crisis Fund here. Most importantly, pray. “Prayer is more powerful than any weapon that evil brings, so please pray for our teams,” Stephenson requests.

“They are anxious themselves, not knowing what tomorrow will bring, yet they’re trying to bring hope-filled messages to their nation. Pray for wisdom, their hearts to stay focused, and a clear understanding of the message they need to bring forward. Of course, pray for safety as well.”

Those who speak Ukrainian can listen to TWR’s 24/7 live stream here.



In the header image, members of the TWR Ukraine team film one of the numerous videos that have populated their social media channels. The videos join a flood of content created to minister to the people of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and surrounding areas.  (Photo, caption courtesy of TWR Ukraine)