Russian young people crave Bible study

By July 23, 2004

Russia/Ukraine (MNN) — There’s a hunger and thirst for Biblical knowledge among young people in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, and other countries in the former Soviet Union.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Bob Grahmann says, “We’re finding that especially among the young people, who excited they are to study the scriptures. And, there (are) small group Bible studies going on all over Russia and the other countries of the former Soviet Union.”

Grahmann says since the Bible is relatively new for the Russian young people, it’s still a bit of a novelty. “They never got to go to Sunday school. They never got to learn the Bible stories when they were children. So, the Bible is really new and exciting and fresh for them.”

The affects of this craving has meant positive things for national ministry. “Many are becoming pastors in the more traditional sense. But, many, many, are joining the staff of missions and ministries.”

Grahmann says this must happen because he’s not sure how much longer religious freedom with continue. “It’s not as open as it used to be. Most of the countries of the former Soviet Union are passing anti-religion laws, especially aimed at evangelicals. The best way to approach it is to train a bunch of young leaders who can carry on the work in those countries, if the political doors would close to western missionaries.”

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