Sammy Tippit Ministries sees pushback to Christmas video series

By December 22, 2020

International (MNN) — It’s the Christmas season, when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. But not everyone wants to hear this message, says Sammy Tippit of Sammy Tippit Ministries.

Tippit recently lost the ability to promote several of his videos to a larger audience on Facebook after teaching about the incarnation. “When we talk about anything else, we don’t get a lot of flak. And the whole Christmas message is about God in human flesh. I don’t know for sure (because Facebook won’t tell you) but it appears that because I’m proclaiming Jesus is God in human flesh, they have gotten complaints. And they have disabled our ability to boost any videos.” See the videos on Sammy Tippit’s Facebook page here.

Tippit explains why this Christian doctrine often causes more angst than any other. “People like Jesus as a great teacher, a great moral leader, a good man. But to say that He’s God, it puts him in a category all its own.” Several Christian doctrines, such as monotheism and the resurrection of the dead, appear in other religions as well. But the idea of God taking on human flesh is found in no other world religion.

This map lists many countries where Sammy Tippit Ministries has been developing Christian WhatsApp groups as part of the push into digital ministry. (Photo courtesy of Samy Tippit Ministries)

Discipleship videos

Tippit has been producing a series of Christmas-themed discipleship videos, and has had them translated into several different languages. Read more about the project here. He says hitting a snag on Facebook won’t stop these efforts. “We will be on YouTube, we will be on Roku, we will be on Google Play, we will be on Amazon Fire. We’re going to be on Cross TV, we’re going to multiple platforms.” You can also see the content on Sammy Tippit’s website.

This program has a lot in common with Sammy Tippit Ministries’ evangelism outreach back in May. The ministry has been working all year to build Christian small groups all around the world using WhatsApp and other platforms.

Tippit believes the Church can use 21st-century digital technology to supercharge discipleship and evangelism, especially in a world changed by COVID-19.

Additionally, Tippit has considered creating his own app to distribute his content. “I think the ultimate solution is not to be dependent upon any other platform. We need our own platform by which we can disseminate this. We know we’re having millions of people watch and listen to these messages. So we know that there’s a hunger there.”

To do this, Tippit says the ministry will need a lot of prayers and a lot of help in funding. Pray God will reach countless people through this digital ministry!



Header Photo by Dan Kiefer on Unsplash.