Scientologists are looking to India for converts, Christians are concerned

By September 27, 2005

India (MNN) — India has millions of gods. They worship everything. Rats, cows, sun, moon, water; the list is endless. Scientologists are looking to have a major impact on that country, says Christian Resources International’s Fred Palmerton. “It’s been announced that 13 major cities in India will be flooded this month with literature sent by scientologists from around the world.”

That’s similar to what CRI is doing, but with vastly differing doctrine. Palmerton says, “It’s like a cult version CRI, promoting a non-Christian doctrine that’s going to lead potentially millions of people away from knowing our Lord and Savior, Jesus and so we want to combat that.”

They’re doing just that by collecting as many used Bibles, books and other Christian literature and sending it to India. Palmerton says English resources are very effective in India. “English is a major language in India. Not all Indians, but a major part of the population (is) English speaking and comprehending because of the British influence over the years and so English is well received and widespread.”

CRI is holding a special fund-raising in Lima, Ohio called, “The Great Crate Project and (we’re) asking people to bring in their Bibles, books and bucks. I urge everybody that’s sending books if they could include 50-cents a book, or more, for shipping and handling and we’ll get this job done.”

If you’re not in Ohio, you can also send your books to CRI with your check or money order. Click on the link above for contact information.

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