Scripture delivery to Russia delayed by war

By November 4, 2022

Russia (MNN) — Search for “Russia” on Google, and you’ll see plenty of results about President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. Meanwhile, God’s people are on the move in this spiritually-hardened nation.

Last November, a coalition of Russian pastors asked for Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press. The pastors want to reach 25 million people across central Russia in 24 months and plan to use Scripture booklets in their outreach.

WMP had the booklets printed and ready to ship to Russia… and then Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. “We still have that original container sitting here waiting to be shipped,” WMP’s Helen Williams says.

“The standard way of getting things in [to Russia] is blocked because of the ongoing war.”

(Graphic courtesy of World Missionary Press)

To Russia, with love

Along with atheism, Orthodoxy holds the hearts of many Russians. According to Operation World, the Russian Orthodox Church survived Communism and remains the central symbol of Russian identity. Russian Orthodoxy is culturally strong but spiritually weak in the lives of most of its followers.

Led by the Holy Spirit, Russian pastors have mobilized believers to introduce their communities to the God of relationship, not religion. They only lack resources. Ask God to enable Scripture booklets to reach WMP contacts in Russia.

“We’re not trying to knock down any doors; we’re just trying to wait on the Lord” to make this shipment happen, Williams says.

“We are confident that this (shipment) is going to get there because His people are waiting.”

Pray the booklets will introduce people to the Gospel truth. “We would appreciate conservative prayer on behalf of this project because we can meet the need. We simply need to see how the Lord wants us to get it (the shipment) there,” Williams says.

“We are considering printing another [order] if we get an opening. We have another group in Russia that also wants a large amount of literature. The booklet has been translated; it’s all ready to print.”

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Header image depicts an Orthodox church in St. Petersburg, Russia. (Photo courtesy of Happy Donut/Pexels)