Seed planting continues in Western Europe.

By February 22, 2006

United Kingdom (MNN)–Reaching Europe with the Gospel can be a challenge because it’s a message familiar to the people.

However, because of that, many do not understand the nature of personal relationship with Christ. The Anglican Church in the United Kingdom is addressing this by partnering with the Book of Hope. Most schools still require “religious education” classes as part of the curriculum.

But the UK is not the only challenging field. BOH teams also went to Belfast, Ireland. That region is also considered a controversial mission field because of the schism between the Catholic and Protestant churches. In spite of the division, teams were able to work with both groups and had a tremendous impact on the community.

With that encouragement and growth, more good news came from Portugal. BOH reports that, after seeing how their Affect Destiny Teams could have such a great ministry among children and youth, the churches began seeking out partnerships with the Book of Hope.

The growth spread to Italy. BOH groups are now working with Catholic and evangelical churches and the government, to begin an initial Book of Hope distribution. At least 400,000 children will be receiving the book in Italy, for the very first time.

In this ‘post-Christian’ region, BOH teams reached 468,000 children and youth in 2005 and will be reaching 716,000 in 2006. Pray for Great Britain’s youth, that as God’s Word goes forth, seeds will fall upon fertile soil.

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