Severe drought grips Kenya

By January 20, 2022

Kenya (MNN) — More than a half-million children need immediate food aid as severe drought grips Kenya. The other day, Kenya received a $1 million aid package from the United Kingdom to help alleviate starvation.

“There has been drought throughout the years, but they’ve gotten some reprieve, some rain, so things still grow and stuff; but this year, it’s not happening at all,” Joy Mueller of Kenya Hope says.

“I had 80 sheep at the beginning of April, and now I’m down to less than 30.”
(Photo courtesy of Kenya Hope)

Typically, a shorter rainy season in October and November provides some sustenance, while “Kenya receives ‘big rains’ between March and May,” she continues. However, “normal” didn’t happen in 2021.

“Parts of the country have received no significant rains since last year in March.”

Kenya Hope is transforming lives through the Gospel of Christ with a holistic approach to children, families, and communities. More about that here. “We work mostly with the Masai people, and they are not as nomadic as they used to be, but they’re still pastoralists, meaning their whole living is dependent upon their livestock,” Mueller says.

The ministry provides food aid and the Bread of Life during difficult seasons like these. Now, for the very first time, “we bought food relief for the animals because it is a domino effect,” Mueller says.

The people’s “money is in the animals [and] as their animals die, they have no money. Therefore, they can’t buy food,” she explains.

“With the lack of pastureland and water, the animals are getting weaker and weaker, and they are truly walking dead. They are just skeletons on legs.”

One staff member recently said, “I had 80 sheep at the beginning of April, and now I’m down to less than 30,” Mueller shares.

“That is such a huge financial loss for him. It’s kind of like somebody went and robbed your bank account.”

Kenya Hope provides hay to help local community members feed their animals.
(Photo courtesy of Kenya Hope)

Send relief aid through Kenya Hope here. Kenya Hope works alongside local church partners. Pray their tangible expressions of Christ’s love leads to Gospel conversations.

“They often say there, ‘God is good all the time; all the time, God is good.’ But some are [now saying], ‘He isn’t good all the time. Why would a good God let this happen?’

“We hope that showing them our love; by providing food for their families and even their animals, they will know that, even in hard times, God is good all the time.”



Header and story images courtesy of Kenya Hope.