Shiloh Centers provide haven for Christian leaders

By June 29, 2022

International (MNN) — Christian leaders around the world need space to rest and reflect on God’s love.

That’s the idea behind World Mission’s Shiloh Training Centers. Greg Kelley says, “When we think of leadership training, we would think immediately, in our context in America, of a seminary or a Bible college, something like that. There’s a lot of places in the world where that infrastructure is not even possible. I’m thinking of Iran, I’m thinking of Afghanistan, Yemen, or Somalia.”

“In those places in particular, we need to think differently.”


For instance, World Mission operates one Shiloh Center outside the main Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. They train Rohingya Christians to disciple others and plant churches in the camp.

Kelley says they do all that in the Shiloh Center. “They come back from the Shiloh Center encouraged. They’re taught more, they’re emboldened, and they’re empowered. They’re given resources like our solar-powered Audio Bible, and then they go back into the refugee camps. “

It’s not just about making converts, Kelley says. “Their intent as they go in is to multiply themselves in the discipleship-making process so that people are in it for the long haul.”


World Mission runs another Shiloh Center in Northern Kenya, near Ethiopia. Kelley says, “We had a gathering of 12 leaders from Ethiopia, who are working with unreached people groups like the Oromo or the Somali. These are all 99 percent Muslim people groups.”

The leaders who gathered reported feeling refreshed and encouraged. They often feel very isolated in their everyday work.

Pray that Christian leaders in difficult areas would be empowered to share Jesus’ endless love.



(Header photo courtesy of World Mission on Facebook)

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